Grace found at the Iguacu falls as seen from Brazil.

Such grace at Iguacu Falls (from the Brazil side.)

A change of pace, a break from routine, getting away for a while – all tend to change your perspective. I returned from a long road trip recently and found that all I wanted to do was be still and to cocoon for a few days.

Work and necessities were tended to, but I didn’t listen to the radio, made only necessary calls and answered only necessary emails. I just settled in and it was delicious. The sudden sense of grace and the shift in perspective was surprising. Old habits resurfaced soon enough, but it was a great reminder that everyday grace can be a reality. I’m determined to remember and rekindle that deep silence more often.

Rekindle grace with these simple tips

1. Turn it all off. Ask your fellow travelers for a few quiet minutes and just listen deeply. Take a few deep, slow, delicious breaths. Check in and see what comes up. Perhaps there’s an ache in your shoulder that’s calling to you? Or your back is sore, your hands are cramped, you realize how much tension you’re holding? This is your time and you can take care of yourself first by listening, then acting.

2. Roll through your senses. Really listen to what your ears are hearing. Feel the vibration of the car, your thighs resting on the seat, the smoothness of the steering wheel. Taste. Perhaps you suddenly realize that you’re thirsty. Staying hydrated is important to fight fatigue as well as nurturing to your organs. Notice the distance between you and the car behind you, to the right, left and in front. Get a sense of that space in between for a few moments. This again will shift you into a heightened awareness of where you are and what you’re doing.

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