Camera bag reviews for travelers looking for travel gear

How you pack and what goes with you can make or break a trip. Here are some products I’ve tested that have worked for me. I hope you’ll consider them when choosing what travel gear to use.

Travel Gear Reviews:

Travel Purses: It’s a personal choice and each trip might determine which purse, or how many, you’ll be carrying. There’s always security to consider but comfort is a huge issue. I’ve found that easily adjustable shoulder straps, that can be slung over a shoulder or across the body work best, save your back and keep you secure.

The travel purse and strap dilemma:

Camera Bags: For the shutterbug traveler interested in capturing visuals, a cell phone or Go Pro might be too little and inflexible. I almost always use my phone and my Canon with a telephoto lens. It’s also important that my bag is big enough for batteries, the cell phone, my ID/wallet and perhaps a charger. Big demand when working to travel light! These camera bags are secure, handy and keep your equipment ready:

Travel Essentials for a Healthy Trip: These tips and products can keep you a happy traveler. I’ve used them all personally and they can make the difference in a successful trip or not. Also, I don’t like spending precious time looking for supplies and supplements when I’m on the road. The most important thing I’ve found it to make sure any supplements or prescriptions go along in your carry on bag. In case your checked luggage is lost, you won’t be in a dire situation. These are mostly natural choices to consider carrying with you:

Most of these products come from my personal collections but several have been offered for review. As always all opinions are my own.