Riding the swell.
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Image by Chasing Amber via Trover.com

Surfers do it, waiting for the right wave to roll in and then riding the swell; sailors manage seasickness, divers avoid them – swells stir up the water and muddy visibility. Drivers can do lower back exercises to keep their spines relaxed. I used to take one particular road, full of swelling bumps, when my son was still in his car seat. The rolling made him giggle and that made me happy.

Our bodies manage each movement with infinite adjustments, especially if sitting for long. Think of staying balanced while standing on a rolling deck or a rocking airplane. Do that for long and it wears you out. Ever get out of your car after a long ride and wonder why you’re so tired, when you’ve only been sitting? There are hosts of autonomic responses to shifts as you are riding. It can leave you dull headed when you arrive and readjust to ‘land legs’.

How can Drivetime Yoga help? Awareness is the first step. Know that it’s something you grow used to over time – especially if you drive long distances for work. Our bodies adjust. With awareness comes information: there’s that aching shoulder again, my neck feels tight, etc. Listening deeply can lead to relief before the message becomes the pain. You then can adjust consciously – perhaps rolling your shoulder in circles, perhaps doing a few lower back exercises.

Riding the swell! Soon it can come back to being an exclamation of something great. You feel better and enjoy the ride more.