Road houses are full of snack ideas - not all healthy!

Road houses are full of snack ideas – not all healthy!

Our road trip was packed full of adventure but unfortunately packed pounds on our waistlines too. We had three weeks to deliver the car to the East coast and started working our itinerary six months in advance. With all the planning however, we forgot about coordinating snack ideas.

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My eating strategy whenever I fly has been whittled into a science, but a road trip with four adults in one car for days on end was in another league altogether. We took long hikes daily and expected that to burn calories but it wasn’t enough. Long, tedious hours of driving led to quick meals from limited roadside cafes and convenience stores. Too often that meant snack ideas of the high-carb, salt and sugar kind.

On the way to Mt. Rainier we stopped at the Viking Diner for burgers. Delicious and friendly, but low cal? Not.

Viking Cafe in Mossyrock was full of snack ideas

Locals in the Mossyrock Landmark, Viking Cafe

burger and fries

I’ll have fries with that.

When visiting cousins of course we couldn’t refuse to take their homemade sweets along.

Bazilian chocolate balls are snack ideas of the fattening kind

Rich, Brazilian Choco Balls!

My home breakfast schedule was demolished when the rest of the family needed a big meal before we hit the road. Too often hotel or road-side mornings started like this.

Waffles as road trip snack ideas

Resisting everything but temptation.

Fruit stands are a boon for summer travelers. Unfortunately, our rushed schedule kept us on freeways and off the smaller, country roads where fruit stands proliferate.

Road stand cherries are delicious snack ideas

Road stand cherries are delicious snack ideas

When you’ve endured long hours traveling in the back seat or driving, it’s too easy to ‘reward’ yourself with a big dinner or a few beers. When you do that over several weeks it’s no wonder vacation clothes get tighter and tighter!

Beer isn't on the list of great road trip snack ideas until you stop for driving for the day

Beer with dinner at Belton Chalet, outside Glacier National Park

The best road trip snack ideas include:
  • High protein, low salt and sugar, fruit and nut bars. Pick up a box before leaving home to stretch the travel budget.
  • Buy in bulk. Nuts and dates make satisfying snack ideas and travel well. Make your own mix and store in baggies or better yet, reusable containers.
  • Drink water often and limit the number of sweet, high fructose sodas and caffeine drinks. Avoid plastic bottles and refill your own.
  • Stop to eat well before you feel like you’re starving. Being overly hungry too often leads to impulsive and poor eating decisions.
  • Find grocery stores with salad bars and pick up fresh fruit at roadside stands.
  • Portion control. We were two boomers and two millennials driving together. Guess who ate most of the peanut butter pretzel crackers?! Take a few out of the bag and stick to that portion.

Golden Island Jerky are fine snack ideas

If only I had known about these Jerky packs for our trip. Most jerkies on the market are full of nitrates and preservatives. They’re overly sweetened with high fructose corn syrup as well. The Golden Island Jerky recipes are gluten-free and have no artificial ingredients. The unique flavors come from the founder’s Asian heritage and are available in resealable bags – perfect for travelers.

Golden Island Jerky snack ideas

Win a Hiking Backpack full of with snack ideas for your next trip

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How do you eat well on long road trips?

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BBQ road trip snack ideas

Road trip snack ideas include happy hours

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