dias de los muertos chalk

Fright! It’s something we play with this time of year with All Hallows Eve, Halloween or the Day of the Dead, just around the corner. As children, we don costumes and pretend we’re not ourselves, wandering dark streets calling out “trick or treat”. As teens we may wander further into the dark, eschewing the playful, visiting haunted houses, watching scary movies, but knowing it’s all in good fun. As adults we may test the edge of our comfort zones – perhaps it’s a fear of public speaking that we then volunteer for or doing adrenaline pumping sports. With wisdom, exploration can lead to great growth.

Streets can hold a different fearfulness that statistically 50% of American drivers are going to face. Behind the wheel anger can boil over, seeded by the threat of harm (real or perceived). When road rage is acted upon and somebody gets dreadfully hurt, no one wins. No one wants to get involved with scary drivers.

Ever been in the car when the driver flies into a rage over something that’s happened on the road? It effects everyone, causing anxiety and tension that wasn’t there a few moments earlier and it will take some time to dissolve.

This Halloween, may your trick be recognizing that perhaps you over-react to certain driving situations with misplaced anger. Your treat will be a sense of self-empowerment in knowing that instead of driving into a rage, you can change your response. You can regain calm, taking care of your passengers and fellow drivers. Take a breath. Take another. Each one will lead you away from danger and towards ease and calm. Now you’re ready to visit the spirit of Halloween


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