What would you choose – The real or the fantasy ride?

A fantasy ride from the Tacoma Car Museum
One day, I’d like to drive a truly luxury car. To slither down the road in a low, sleek car; cushioned in a soft, leather seat with the top down; shifting along a curving country road with an engine primed to move fast and humming would be my fantasy ride. It’s not a necessity. In the long run, I’d rather spend the money visiting an exotic land, which would bring me a wealth of memories and enrich my life in other ways. Running errands, going to meetings, performing the mundane – all would be transformed by driving my fantasy car. Or would it?

I’m sure the car companies would like me to believe so, but now I drive a lovely, little Toyota. I pat the steering wheel, every now and then, in gratitude for it getting me wherever I need to go efficiently. It’s the opposite of ostentatious and at 3 years old, starting to show the little nicks and wear that any daily ride will accumulate. The thing is, at this point, it suits me and what I need to do.

Often there’s a disjuncture between the fantasy ride and the real. Picture someone who’d rather drive a luxury car than upgrade their living conditions.  Some  collect antique or race cars for a hobby. How about motorcycles and RVs or those who’d rather travel by thumb, bicycle, or public transport? Where we identify with our transport and where we find pleasure in it, is very personal. We all long for or do, what fits.

We live in a world facing ‘Stop Signs’ everywhere: stop polluting, stop using plastic bags, stop driving SUV’s, stop eating fast food, stop, stop, stop! With our transportation, we can choose the kind of stopping that works for us. We can drive, or ride, responsibly, not just as a designated driver.

One example: in the past few decades, the U.S. has been using earths’ resources far faster than any other country. No judgment, it’s just a fact. A shift is happening, and while our consumption has been curtailed recently by economic realities, other countries are enjoying greater buying power. There can be grace in accepting that reality. Acknowledging that change is not always easy, but there are rewards in making choices that are more holistic, that do our hearts good because they’re the right thing to do. It’s personal. We do and aspire to, what suits us and that too will probably change.

All said, I may never own my dream car, but one of my choices might be to maintain my daily, durable ride BUT for one special occasion, perhaps I’ll visit the luxury car rental office with friends. I just might take that fantasy ride, enjoy it fully, and remain true to my ‘daily transportation ethic’ (?!), while sharing the wealth.  I’m going to go now and map out my route…

Copyright August 2009, Elaine Masters – RYT, speaker & award-winning author of Drivetime Yoga. www.DrivetimeYoga.com