Snooze lounge, changi airportWhile the many felt that the new Three-Hour Tarmac Rule would mean more canceled flights  (TIME, polls show that few actually did so.

The US’s 18 carriers scrapped only 1.5 percent of flights in the month when data was available, according to the Transportation Department. Cancellations were unchanged.

“The airline industry had said more flights would be canceled as carriers sought to avoid breaching the three-hour limit,” pointed out Bloomberg News.

The rule pushed by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood imposes fines as high as US $27,500 for each customer when an airline fails to free passengers after three hours on an aircraft, however the rule applies only to domestic flights.

“This is extremely positive news for consumers,” said Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition, which lobbied for higher penalties. “Airlines have surprised everyone in their ability to respond to this rule in short order.” Read the whole story here.

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