Landing Narita Airport, long distance flights, trip wellnessIt’s always helpful to learn from a master. Dr. Nobu Asano has studied philosophy in India, practiced Acupuncture in Japan and has been running a holistic clinic in Southern California for over 30 years. He travels often, most recently trekking in the Himalayas and is planning an extended trip to visit Snow Leopard habitats in Mongolia.

Dr. Nobu Asano, trip wellness, travel tips for long flights

Dr. Nobu Asano

How does such a master traveler and health practitioner take care of himself on the road?

Travel is stressful but not always for the reasons we imagine. According to Dr. Asano, our bodies are subject to a range of challenges we might not even be aware of – from traversing time zones, fluctuations in oxygen levels, altitude stress, speed and dehydration.

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His travel tips for long distance flights include:

  1. Drink water often on long flights.
  2. Relax – read, sleep, or watch movies to help the body handle unseen stressors.
  3. Crossing time zones rattles natural circadian rhythms. Dr. Asano uses small doses of Melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone to help with jet lag. Carry it on flights and use as directed.
  4. Once you land, have a big bowl of soup to warm yourself.
  5. At your hotel or destination – take a long bath to warm up.
  6. If you can’t take a bath, soak your feet in warm water. (I’ve perched on bathroom counters to soak my feet in the sink! Whatever works.)
  7. Take a walk and bare foot is better. Walking barefoot on a lawn or ground is part of the process of ‘earthing,’ which helps to eliminate free radicals, negative ions, to discharge accumulated stress.
  8. Keep your medicines close in your carry on. Dr. Asano also uses tinctures and dry herbs to help keep in balance. A certified holistic or Oriental Medicine physician can help you discover which might work best for you.

Find out more about Dr. Asano and the holistic practice he and his wife, Celine, run in Encinitas, California, at

Elaine Masters Shibu Onsen, trip wellness, travel tips long distance flights

Elaine at Shibu Onsen Temple, Japan

What other travel tips for long distance flights do you have?

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