travel the worldYou made it! After all the planning and packing, crowds and traveling you’re finally at your destination. It may be a long trip driving or flying but how to reduce stress and relax a bit before you jump into your vacation or business destination?

If you’ve crossed several time zones then jet lag may be an issue.  There are as many remedies as there are travelers. Here’s the tip that I’ve found has the most votes: Get into the daily rhythm at your destination. All you may want to do is sleep but the sun is shining? Get outdoors and amongst people – their contact energy will give you a boost. Eat on their schedule as well and snack a little if that’s uncomfortable.

Destination Stress Busting 101: Five minutes on the floor

In your room, hotel or otherwise, find a space where you can lay, on your back, on the floor.Why not the bed? The floor will give your back and body good, firm support.

At hotels I often pull the bed spread off and turn it over, spread it out on the floor and lie down on the underside. It’s a little cleaner than the cover and certainly better than the floor. Plus you’ll have the added cushioning.

You don’t need a lot of space but of course, having enough  to stretch your arms out wide works best. I’ve gotten a great work out while lying between two beds!

Always remember that you know your body better than anyone and do only what feels right for you. There’s no perfect way other than to over-do a stretch.

The Basic:

  • Slip off your shoes and lay down on your back.
  • Breathe and let go.
  • Tuck your shoulder blades under you a bit – this opens up your heart and ribs.
  • Raise your chin slightly to stretch out your neck.
  • Breathe.

Hip and Back Release:

  • Bring your knees up with your feet flat.
  • Roll your hips in one direction and then the other. Slowly.
  • Do a gentle spinal twist by dropping both knees off to the right. Your torso should look like you’re sitting in a chair.
  • Stretch out your arms at a 45 degree angle – if there’s room.
  • Breathe and after at least 90 seconds lift both knees up and then over to the left.
  • Bring your knees up again.
  • Extend both legs up straight towards the ceiling and rotate your ankles.
  • If you can, scoot your bottom towards the wall and rest your extended legs up on the wall.
  • Cross your arms over your chest so you feel a gentle stretch through your back.
  • Breathe and after at least 90 seconds, cross your arms the other way.
  • Keep going with stretches for awhile or
  • Uncross your arms, lower your legs to the right and roll over to your right side
  • Support your head on your arm for a few breaths.
  • Then roll over and up to sitting.
  • Slowly stand with your feet hip width apart and check to see if anything else needs release and stretching.

Reduce stress and melt it easily when you take the time to let your body release it. A few quiet moments can be very restorative.

Now get going! You didn’t come all this way to stay in your hotel room!!


Elaine J. Masters – Travel writer, Co-host of San Diego Travel Massive.

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