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Autumn and Adam Bremmer with their babies Christopher John and Emmett – with thanks to Kelci Parks of the Fort Bragg Advocate.

Expecting a relaxing seaside vacation, Autumn and Adam Bremmer took their two toddlers and ventured to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a long birthday weekend.

What they encountered stretched their survival skills and endurance as they struggled to stay safe, escape the devastation and get home.

Most family vacations never encounter these challenges but you’ll hear the whole story in the podcast interview below.

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Tips to ride out a hurricane:

  • Make sure that your room is away from the waterfront and the open sea.
  • Avoid flooding by staying in an upstairs room
  • Pack the mini fridge with ice and turn the cold temp down as much as possible to keep food cold should electricity fail.
  • Stockpile water bottles and fill the bathtub with water for emergency use.
  • Close curtains and lock glass doors and windows.
  • Pile furniture against the curtains and windows.
  • Travel with close-toed shoes in case you need to walk through polluted water.
  • Help your neighbors – It will help avoid panic and reduce risk of other social unrest.
  • Always pack your medicines and necessities in plastic baggies. Have them ready to grab should you need to evacuate quickly.
  • Travel with an LED flashlight and make sure it’s charged.
  • Charge up all electronics well before the storm hits.
  • Carry extra baggies and pack one with toilet paper.
  • Carry protein bars, nuts and dried fruit in a baggie to keep energy up until meal time whenever traveling.
  • Keep your distance from animals that may be hungry, sick or injured unless you’re prepared and trained to help them.
  • If you find transportation, make sure they have fuel to get you to a safe place or airport.
  • Consider bringing a satellite phone and solar battery charger to more remote destinations.

More tips for disaster preparedness for drivers on this Trip Wellness post

hurricane odile, family vacation disaster, trip wellness, elaine j masters

Adam carries baby Emmet outside as the flood waters start to recede.

Help the recovery:

There’s lots of ways to help the recovery in Cabo San Lucas. Make a donation to a reputable charitable organization such as: and you can read about their work in Mexico here. – Project Odile

Living Life – different charities and relief efforts to join

Look for donations centers for clothes, baby supplies and canned food perhaps instead of just sending money.

hurricane odile, cabo recovery, tripwellness

The clean-up begins.

Follow the disaster

Your tourist dollars will make a huge difference in recovery efforts and you’ll stretch your travel budget too. If you’re able join the relief effort and volunteer in the rebuilding it would make any family vacations unforgettable and fulfilling.

hurricane odile, cabo san lucas recovery, trip wellness, family vacations