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Let’s make this clear – You don’t have to be a jock or adrenaline junkie to start diving. If you love the ocean, there’s no greater thrill than scooting around the bottom, getting close to stunning wildlife, sliding through clouds of fish or tunnels. It’s no longer a boys club too and, single ladies, you don’t have to know a bunch of women scuba divers or have a bubble blowing boyfriend to start.

It’s a great community – even for land-locked regions. There are dive clubs with events planned year round in lakes and quarries. Many put together their own trips, pooling know-how and experience to find exotic places and the best times to go. Women scuba divers are a big part of the bunch.

Scuba diving is another way to help protect the oceans too. Jacques Cousteau said, “You protect what you love.” Here’s a sweet video about the mission to help the oceans with PADI instructor, Rocio Gajon.

I’m writing this as I prepare for Women’s Diving Day on July 15th. This is the third year that PADI has organized a day dedicated for women scuba divers. More than 700 locations internationally have participated past events designed to grow the dive community. New and expert divers have come together, in all kinds of activities from high tea on the high seas to shark dives and underwater cleanups. I’ll be stepping into the sea with the women scuba divers from Ocean Enterprises in San Diego. You don’t have to be a certified diver to participate but can tag along with your snorkel and fins, get to know the local divers and learn more about diving.

2016 Women’s Diving Day in La Jolla, California:

Want to join the scores of women scuba divers?

Getting certified as a diver is the first step. I’d recommend PADI dive courses and if you can manage it, take an accelerated course over 4 – 5 days in a tropical location. Perhaps you learned how to dive ages ago and need to refresh your skills? There are courses and events for that. Being confident as a scuba diver is freeing. The skill to let go and just enjoy the underwater world comes with regular practice.

I learned in Cozumel and found the dive masters deeply invested in making me comfortable and keeping me safe. The entire PADI course is set up for security and ease. The water in Mexico was deliciously warm and startlingly clear. I was in love from the first descent – while making every mistake I could. Still, it was much easier to do my open water dive from a boat on calm waters rather than walking in, back bent with tank weight, through cold waves as my son did. There are tips for new divers in an earlier post.

Elaine Titanic pose women scuba divers wreck dive

My son Josh, photo bombing my best Titanic pose.

It doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Check out dive clubs for used equipment, even camera gear, and lights. Someone is always upgrading and happy to get something for their gear.
  • There are annual sales at dive shops and online. You don’t have to get designer gear to begin with or ever. Make sure the sport works for you before investing.
  • Rent gear. Dive shops will happily fit you with the right sizes. They’ll answer questions and find out what is best for your body shape and size. You shouldn’t worry about fins falling off or a suit that chafes.
  • Learn with a friend or as a family. Dive centers often offer discounts.
  • Dive trips don’t have to drain your bank account. Scour magazines for dive specials, ask at local shops, and join dive clubs. Watch for airfare sales too.
Spinner Dolphins at the surface, Kona Coast, Hawaii

Snorkeling with wild Spinner Dolphins, Kona Coast, Hawaii

I never anticipated becoming a scuba diver. I’m not particularly fond of high-tech sports and their expense. However, after snorkeling for decades, I wasn’t about to give up the opportunity to learn to scuba with my guy, a sea-urchin-diver-turned-underwater-photographer. Over the past eight years, I’ve managed a little over 300 dives. It started with me struggling to keep up, carrying his spare camera and sucking my air tanks dry long before he was ready to surface. That’s all in the past as I just invested in my own camera and lights – second hand – and often climb up the dive ladder with air to spare. I adore my dive buddy as well as joining women scuba divers. Legendary diver, Chuck Nicklin, is my model. He’s turning ninety this year and still leading dive trips around the world. I hope to match his record.

Here’s more inspiration about Women Scuba Divers and the groundbreakers who have helped us all become better divers.

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PADI Women Divers Day 2017


Ely, Nevada is full of surprises. The small town has enlisted mural artists to tell its story on walls throughout the town. There are so many - indoors and out. I wish I had a few more days to explore and soak up the history, the welcoming energy and beautiful setting. I'll never think of Nevada the same way again.


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Road tripping the old highways and the first 'pull-the-car-over' moment. I spied a sign for The Harvey House. Those who know will be tickled - I was amazed to find the old train depot that housed one of the first American chain restaurants - renovated as an event space. It's a bit off old Highway 66 and well worth a detour. Lots of history on the side roads!

Back in the car en route to Ely, Nevada!

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An afternoon spent walking around a county fair is always time well spent. I hadn't been to the Orange County Fair before and "giggled like a little girl." What summer fun and over too soon.

Tip: Get tickets online and skip the crowds. Parking is extra - $10.

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Carving waves with his signature power and skill has brought Conner Coffin fame but you wouldn't know it meeting him. He's direct and humble with a winning charm which is why 805 Beer choose him for their latest documentary. It's a good match.

This Santa Barbara, hometown boy grew up tackling waves at the fabled Rincon Beach and dedicated himself to surfing early on.

The new 805 Beer Film, Mindsurfing, tells the story of the family and style that's propelling Conner to test his powerful, swooping style on waves around the world. Glimpse the opening night party here and watch the Mindsurfing video on YouTube.

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Enter the Confluence - Meow Wolf's Denver installation and mighty collaboration with dozens of artists.

This is just a taste of all you can see and do. Unravel the secrets and new worlds emerge. It's just one of their creations. I visited the original in Santa Fe. Next time I'll see the Las Vegas production. New realms are opening in Texas soon!

☆ In Memorium of Matt King, co-founder and artist. ☆

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Reconnecting with friends (& their laughter)is the best medicine. Tea is an event at the gorgeous new @copa_vida hidden in the La Jolla Tech District.

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Check out Kansas City, KC from the Strawberry Hill waterfront to the Taco Trail.

So much to enjoy: Gardens, sweet bungalows, and museums filled with Croatian history, Hispanic culture, and Wyandot Native Landmarks. Walking is the perfect way to savor the views across the river to the metropolis of Kansas City, OK.

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Audio: Ray of Hope, AudioHero

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Lewis & Clark point the way at the confluence of rivers in Kansas City, Kansas. Part 1 of an amazing walking tour with @urbanhikeskc

Don't overlook the charms of both Kansas City locations, one urban, one small town sweet, across the river from each other.

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