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The Znzi travel pillow
It’s a sad fact that most of us spend hours each day peering down. In the kitchen we look down at the chopping board or into the sink. We look down to read magazines and books. Most of us stare into little screens, crane our necks with keyboard tasks and tap, comment, email, work or play on computers and cell phones. After hours torqued forward tech neck takes its toll. If you’ve unfortunately been in a car accident chances are your neck suffered. Mine did when I was a teen and the impact remains with me decades later. Luckily I’ve found a travel pillow that makes my neck happier.
znzi travel pillow is plush and easy to manipulate
Over time compromised vertebrae can start complaining. In my case neck pain is a steady, chronic hum. Managing that physical condition involves a grab bag of techniques and treatments. Yoga helps – regular, consistent, necessary. My chiropractor knows me well. Acupuncture is a godsend. Travel adds another layer of concern. I’ve written before about travel pillows but there’s one that I use it at home and I don’t travel without it – the Znzi travel pillow.

At first I thought the Znzi travel pillow was a bit big but discovered that the memory foam compresses and contorts. It rolls, folds and twists easily. There are 6 embedded magnets to help it keep whatever shape I choose. Usually I roll it up. The padding is slimmer in the middle, the better to cradle my head while lying on my back. The roll fits under the crook of my neck and passively stretches it, lightly countering the tech neck problem. Lying on my side, the roll supports my neck while relieving head weight pressure. At home I find it soothing, on a flight it’s essential.

A pair of suction cups are embedded in the plush fabric. I haven’t explored every way to use them but once, on a flight in a window seat, I was able to attach the pillow to the window and lean in. Otherwise it has a tendency to slip out of place. That’s my one negative. The pillow works well except when I need consistent support for my head while sleeping on a flight. The Znzi slides a bit but rather than carry two bulky travel pillows, I’ve learned how to work with it. One day I’ll add a cord on either end to tie and keep it in place. I hope the makers consider that.

They’ve considered so much already. I’ve lost numerous travel pillows or they’ve been too bulky to fit inside luggage. The Znzi comes in a lightweight, nylon bag. Stuff the pillow inside, cinch the cord, tie it lightly and then the simple, attached clip attaches the travel pillow to my rolling suitcase or the handle of my travel bag. I’ve carried it across Switzerland, climbing in and out of trains, buses and boats. It should have its own frequent flier mileage accounts! I’ve lost several travel pillows. Loyalty is a virtue and who could’ve guessed a travel pillow had that!

Our heads are heavy; ten or so pounds for most adults. It’s a lot to carry. With decades ahead of us, a strong, healthy neck is a necessity. The support of a well designed, flexible travel pillow, should make that easier to accomplish.
Tech neck techniques and other products
  • A Naturopathic doctor recommended this daily technique: For five minutes lie on your back with your head dangling backwards over the edge of the bed. Support with a flat pillow if necessary.
  • While dangling your head slowly turn your chin, your head to the right. Slowly turn to the left. Repeat about 25 times.
  • Another chiropractic addition is the Denneroll. It’s a fairly stiff foam that is shaped to fit into the crook of your neck adding pressure to the vertebrae. I use it at least once a day for 3 – 5 minutes max. It works best while lying on the floor which offers better resistance than lying on a bed.
  • One stretch I repeat and repeat is profound yet simple. Standing firmly with feet slightly apart lift your shoulders and roll them back. Clasp your hands behind you and pull down, opening up the clavicle region, your chest. Look up, stretching your neck.
  • Take the standing stretch a little further and tilt your chin towards your chest. Hold for 10 – 20 seconds. Repeat looking up and then down. SLOWLY

Find a good travel pillow, that works for your body and conditions and don’t travel without it!


The Znzi travel pillow was shipped to me for review but no other compensation was received. I’ve used it for a few months now and the review is based solely on my experience.

Hope you found this helpful. Here’s a picture to share:

Save your neck with the Znzi travel pillow


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